3 Tips to Pass the LCSW Exam

Posted by Amanda Rowan

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May 4, 2016 at 4:40 PM

Becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker is the goal of thousands of social work graduates each year. With so many graduates, we get many questions about the LCSW exam, such as “How do I pass the exam, what should I prepare for, how much time should I set aside for study?”

These questions have led us to give these three tips for passing the LCSW the first time.

  1. Organize your time efficiently. Studying for the LCSW exam is a time-consuming endeavor. Be prepared to study as much as 50-70 hours for the exam. Concentrated study of audio lectures, quizzes and practice exams can be the difference between passing and failing.
  2. Take an online course. Therapist Development Center provides essential test taking strategies you will use on exam day.  The course can be completed once with 50 hours of studying and can be repeated as needed. LCSW Exam Coaches are available for questions while you are preparing to PASS.  In 2015, 95% of social workers passed on the first try using our study system. You're next.
  3. Focus on Success. Studying for the LCSW might seem like a lot of work, not worth it at times. Keep your eyes on the prize. The average LCSW can make as much as $30,000 more per year than the average social work graduate. An LCSW can greatly enhance your life and your future.

For more information on FAQ’s, visit http://www.therapistdevelopmentcenter.com/faq

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